New Door Games Added

Had a user contact me today requesting we add Barren Realms Elite. I never played it before, but looked into it and it is a strategic war game set in the future. Nuclear destruction has spread throughout the planet, and only a vast and barren void exists. You play as a baron under a great king, and must expand your barony through the barren planet by making a series of diplomatic, economic, and military decisions each day. Sounds like a blast, so we just added it to the DemiGoth BBS.

Caught that it’s made by John Daily, who also made Global War…which is basically a port of the popular board game Risk into a BBS door game. Growing up, Risk was my families game. At Thanksgiving every year, all of us in the southwest would gather at one house and start playing competitively. We’d usually have at least 2 boards running at the same time, interrupt long enough to eat the turkey dinner, and then go right back to world conquest. But it was when my dad introduced me to Global Wars back on the Time Lords BBS that I got to practice regularly, and very soon after I went from getting my butt kicked to being able to hold my own against the family. So naturally after thinking about the fun of this one, I had to add it in too.

And then I realized the main menu would look unbalanced if I didn’t add a third door. So I went with NetRunner, the classic multiplayer hacking game. This is another one I don’t have much experience with, although I did play it a few times back in the day. However, we didn’t have anything cyberpunk themed in the door libary, so it seemed like a great fit.

All of these games have been added via BBS Link, which means you’re playing against users from many BBSes and getting much more populated games.

PRINT “Hello world!”

Well…I took the time to setup a virtual server to run Mystic BBS, TWGS, and register a domain. Which means I may as well set it up to listen to the ol’ port 80 and do some associate webpage too, right?

So consider this a new blog, which I guess will mostly be themed around the DemiGoth BBS, the BBS scene in general, and of course the real focus of my BBS hobby: the retro door games.

More in-depth content to come. Until then, check out the BBS at We’ve got three initial Tradewars 2002 games up (and will slowly be growing that number as we get more population), and connections through BBS link for Legend of the Red Dragon, LORD2, Planets The Exploration of Space, Usurpur, and DoorMUD.