DemiGoth Bulletin Board System was started in January 2021 as a nostalgia fueled project hoping to bring some joy during COVID-19 related lockdowns. It might also be a blatant distraction for the SysOp to put off writing a dissertation. This blog site is an extension of that project, since it means we already had the domain name and a server setup to listen on other ports anyway.

The actual BBS is hosted in Seattle, although the SysOp might be located considerably north of there. It’s running on Mystic BBS software, and focused mostly around the old school cool of BBS door games. The notably flagship door game for this system is Tradewars 2002, which we have fully registered and currently running 3 games. There are also a series of other door games through a connection with BBSlink. As of time of this writing, the BBS has been online for about a week and already boasts more than 30 unique users.

The blog is started in part to help promote the BBS. While many already in the BBS scene are plugged in to places we’ve advertised to have found it already – there’s a lot more gamers out there that never got to experience just how great some of these old text based games can be, or how they’ve influenced the modern games that are more broadly played today. It is our hope to also generate some interest from those that might get into the scene after it was cool too.